Bleach - Gin Ichimaru Shinso Zanpakuto 40"


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Using the "Divine Spear" of Gin Ichimaru, you can impale and slay your way to glory. This is an exceptional model of the Shinso used by the popular Bleach character. Trigger the sword's power by shouting, "Shoot to kill!" and you'll be a fearsome sight.  

Features a high gloss black scabbard, custom cross guard and hilt, black cotton sage-o tied around a wooden Kurigata, and the Koi-guchi is black bull horn to match the katana color. Dazzle your friends with this replica of the sword that can expand to any length to skewer your enemies!

Overall Length: 40"
Blade Length: 27"
Blade Materials: 440 Stainless Steel

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