Bleach - Renji Abarai Unawakened Handmade Katana (red) 40"


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Use the Zabimaru, sword of Renji Abarai, to split the masks and heads of the hollow and send them to their eternal destiny. With this awesome version of the Snake's Tail featuring a patrial-tang, sharp-edged blade, you'll be just as fierce as the Gotei 13 lieutenant from the Anime series Bleach.

With the nylon-wrapped handle, high carbon steel blade, shiny red gloss scabbard, ray skin and dual pegs, you'll epitomize the battle-loving, proud spirit that drives this sword and join the ranks of Renji Abarai!

The Zabimaru also comes with a stylish sword bag.

Overall Length: 40"
Blade Length: 28"
Blade: Very Sharp
Handle Length: 12"
Real Ray Skin Wrap with Beige Red Ito
Blade Materials: High Carbon Steel
Fittings: Brass & Blackened Copper

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Sean Boyle
Just got it, its beautiful, very sharp, thank you. I'll be back for more!
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