300 - Immortal Mask

300 - Immortal Mask


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300 - Spartan Warrior Shield aluminum 24"


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King Xerxes, leader of the Persians and general of their vast army, always brought to battle very special soldiers. They were called the Immortals, fierce warriors who always wore identical masks.

These masks would confuse the enemy, who would kill one of the elite Immortals only to turn around and see another mask-wearing warrior. In the heat of battle, the opposing warriors believed it was the same warrior they just killed, who had somehow resurrected. Thus Xerxes warriors gained the name Immortals.

This mask, a replica of the ones worn in the movie 300, is a truly frightening item that belongs in the collection of those who love the film.

Dimensions: 8 3/8” by 7 1/8”

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