Elven Blade of Legolas LOTR Lord of the Rings


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Legolas is an elven prince from the forest called Mirkwood. The master archer and swordsman joined the Fellowship of the Ring at the council of Elrond, swearing allegiance to Frodo and the other companions.

With this blade, Legolas slew hundreds of orcs and Uruk-hai at the battles of Helms Deep and Gondor. Few others are as skilled in the art of the sword as is this golden haired elf lord.

This is a replica of the blade used by Orlando Bloom in the LOTR films. The Blade of Legolas features a wooden handle and an elvish design etched into the stainless steel blade. The item also comes with a leather sheath. Fans of the Lord of the Rings are going to love this sword.

Overall Length: 24”
Blade Length: 16”
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel
Sheath Included

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