Ornate Roman Gladiator Sword


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Excalibur - Gold Handle 44 1/2"


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The Romans were renowned for the technological marvels, architectural masterpieces, and their warlike way. Their empire and influence was vast. It was not by chance that they learned to make great weapons on their way to world domination. Like everything in Roman life, they mastered the art.

This Ornate Roman Gladiator Sword is a fine example of their sword-making prowess and makes a great display item. Fans of the television show Rome, fans of history, and fans of fine swords would do well to add this to their collection.

The blade is solid stainless steel, mirror polished, and beautiful. This item comes with a leather scabbard.

Overall Length: 39 7/8”
Blade Length: 30"
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Scabbard with Leather Straps Included

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