Highlander "Sword of the Dragon" Set


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There can be only one! From the first film starring Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, to the television series and subsequent movies with Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod, the fantasy world of Highlander has been fascinating fans for decades.

There are a race of immortals that scour the world searching for one another, to battle one another with their blades and take the head of their enemy. As their enemy dies, they undergo a process called the Quickening, where a portion of the fallen warrior’s power, energy, and life force is transferred. It is all part of a process called the Game, which can only end when all but one of the immortals are gone.

This is a beautiful set of three blades modeled after the swords used by Duncan in the films and series. The handles of each are a beautiful white dragon head. The set includes a katana, a wakizashi, and a tanto, each of which come with a black scabbard. It also comes with a hardwood stand.

Overall Length: Katana 40 1/2”
Overall Length: Wakizashi 33 1/4”
Overall Length: Tanto 22 3/4”
Display Stand Included!

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