Fantasy Battle Axe


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Here is a weapon that looks as though it was crafted deep in the caverns of some dwarven stronghold, made to lop off the heads of goblins and shear off the legs of skittering giant spiders. Our double edge fantasy battle axe appears as though it could be used either in tight corridors as well as in more open grounds like battlefields and forests.

Although it is a fantasy axe, it looks as though it could have stepped out of the pages of a history textbook. One thing is for sure – it was made to last.

This is one of the most finely crafted battle axes to grace walls across the world; the blade is even made from carbon steel. Collectors of fantasy weapons are sure to love this axe, and it makes a great addition to anyone’s armory. Not to mention it is sure to get a lot of comments hanging on the wall.

Blade material: Carbon Steel
Overall length: 27 1/2"
Blade length: 8"

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