Curved Dracula Dagger


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Deep in the heart of the Transylvanian wilderness sits an ancient castle that once belonged to a bloodthirsty man named Vlad Dracula, the son of the Dragon. He was known to be a vicious and authoritative warrior and someone whom rivals did not want to offend, as it was a common practice to impale those who defied him.

According to the world famous novel by Bram Stoker, Vlad Dracula was no mere man – he was, in fact, a very powerful vampire replete with the power to turn into mist, bats, and wolves. Thus, Dracula entered the modern imagination and has been a fixture of pop culture ever since.

This piece, the Curved Dracula Dagger, is a very finely crafted piece of vampire legacy. The winged hand guard and double-edged, curved blade with blood groove at once bring to mind both the elegance and danger that a vampire exudes. It is a piece that is sure to get people talking.

Overall length: 17"

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