Spirit of the Wolf - Hunting Dagger


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Our "Spirit of the Wolf" Hunting Dagger is one of the most unique blades around. While it has many Native American overtones, it looks as though it came from another world entirely. It looks like it could belong to a warrior from one of Robert E. Howard’s sword and sorcery tales.

There are a number of remarkable things about the piece, including the beautiful wolf designs on the blade. The ornate, carved scabbard that follows the curves of the blade is truly a work of art. The handle itself is also unique. There is actually a wolf’s head on the pommel, which really helps to complete the theme of the piece.

It is great for display, as there aren’t many like it. This blade would make a great gift for anyone who is into collecting blades, whether they have an affinity for wolves or not.

Overall length: 14"
Blade length: 10 1/2"

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