Mermaid Dagger


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Sailors from long ago have legends that tell of waters populated with an entire species of humanlike creatures, beings whose lower portions are like those of fish. If you are lost at sea, they may just find you. Depending on their mood when they find you, they could either save you or drag you into the watery depths with them.

This Mermaid Dagger is an incredible piece of weaponry, which looks as though it would be suitable in the hands of a sailor or perhaps even one of the mythical underwater creatures.

The blade is double-edged and has a beautiful design along the blade. The handle is in the shape of a mermaid, replete with scales and fins. One of the most impressive features of the blade is the scabbard, which is covered with ornate carvings of an undersea scene.

This is a piece that would look great in any collector’s treasury.

Overall length: 17"
Blade length: 9"

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