Warlord Axe


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Few weapons are as unique as this medieval fantasy battle axe with four blades. It is a weapon made for warlords, forged to strike fear into the enemy. From shearing off the heads of an army of undead creatures to impressing your friends, this axe is pure fantasy fun. It looks as though it has been snatched right out of the pages of a sword and sorcery novel.
The blades are made of unusual shapes and connected to a stainless steel mace at the center of the shaft. The shaft is very long, giving the weapon excellent reach and the handle is wrapped in leather. This is a weapon that will appeal to fans of fantasy fiction as well as those who love role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and even World of Warcraft. It is a piece that is sure to stir up conversations in game rooms across the world.
Blades material: Carbon Steel
Overall length: 29"
Blade length: 8"

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