Black Demon Katana


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This is a gorgeous katana; it is a fantasy piece that looks as though it could be a very important part of the arsenal of either a samurai or a hunter stalking the modern day street of Tokyo in search of ancient demons.

The entire weapon is a thing of beauty, from the tsuba (hand guard) and carved handle to the blade itslef. The blade is highly polished and made of Stainless Steel. The white handle of the black demon katana is carved in the shape of a wicked, red-eyed draconic demon that is gripping some sort of mysterious ball in its talons.

This sword is a great collector’s item for a number of different types of collector. It is sure to be popular with those who love fantasy and anime, as well as those who simply enjoy collecting unique swords. It is a great piece to display in the home or office.
Overall length: 47 1/8"
Blade length: 28"
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