Paul Chen Praying Mantis Katana

Paul Chen Praying Mantis Katana


Manufacturer Part Number SH2359
Brand CAS Iberia
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CAS Hanwei
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The Japanese portray the praying mantis as a creature of cunning and power so it is fitting to have a sword that honors those qualities. The Paul Chen Praying Mantis Katana offers a high carbon low alloy steel L6 Bainite Shobu Zukuri or battle blade that has been forged and shaped and heat treated to provide the most flexibility and shock absorption that is required for these katanas. With a superb and a subtle green silk ito and deep brown lacquer saya with contrasting copper and gold accents on the tsuba, fuchi and kashira, this attractive katana has a lot to offer. Featuring a very hard Martensite Yakiba or edge section that is necessary for katana blades, this one will get lots of attention from those who use it and will be a prized possession.

  • Blade length:  29"
  • Handle length:   11"
  • Overall length:  41"
  • Weight:  2lb 8oz

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