Paul Chen Bushido Wakizashi

Paul Chen Bushido Wakizashi


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Bushido is a way of life or Way of the Warrior which an honorable Samurai must follow that exemplifies chivalry and how you conduct yourself with others. The Paul Chen Bushido Wakizashi is a fully sharpened blade that has been hand forged and folded from K120C powder steel. With a prominent Hada and Hamon and a medium length Kissaki, this attractive wakizashi features a beautifully gold lacquered wood Saya with inlaid brass Sakura or cherry blossom flowers decorating it. With the highest quality Rayskin Same and a Tsuka wrapped in brown Japanese cotton, the Kojiri, Koiguchi and Kurikata are all made of polished buffalo horn. Its blackened and bronzed iron tsuba features a battle scene motif and the Habaki is of one piece brass construction. With an ungrooved blade (no bo-hi), it has a medium length chu kissaki. A maintenance kit and storage bag are included to keep your sword clean and protect it while traveling or when in storage.

  • Blade length:  18 1/2"
  • Handle length:   5 1/2"
  • Overall length:  25"
  • Point of Balance:  4"
  • Width at Guard:  1.07"
  • Width at Tip:  .76"
  • Thickness at Guard:  .25"
  • Thickness at Tip:  .19"
  • Sori:  1/2"

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