Bleach - Kenpachi Zaraki's Zanpakuto 43"


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Kenpachi Zaraki is the captain of the 11th Division within the Gotei 13 in the Bleach manga series and is the only captain in Gotei 13’s history who can’t perform bankai.  Although Kenpachi’s zanpakuto doesn’t see much action due to his inability to communicate with it, this sword is definitely of admirable quality.  It is made to be an exact replica of Kenpachi’s sword and is just as fierce as he. 


Despite its blade’s worn-down appearance (to be associated with Kenpachi’s own weakening of his ability when it is time to fight), Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto is actually able to cut through almost anything – including buildings!  With its unique tsuba and cotton cloth wrapped handle and scabbard, this is a unique sword that will make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection. 

  • Overall Length:  43”
  • Blade Length:  34”
  • Handle Length:  9”
  • Includes Scabbard
  • Blade Material:  Stainless Steel

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