Bleach - Aizen Sousuke’s Kyouka Suigetsu Wooden 40" Sword

Bleach - Aizen Sousuke’s Kyouka Suigetsu Wooden 40" Sword


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Aizen Sousuke’s Kyouka Suigetsu is a prime blade.  Kyouka Suigetsu reflects its illusory properties, focusing on things that are desired but are hard to obtain by hand.  It’s translated to “mirror flower, water moon” which are things that can be seen but not held – a flower in a mirror and the moon’s reflection in water.  In the Bleach series, this sword can actually hypnotize its target so that Aizen can make them see, feel, or hear anything he wants. 

This wooden replica is made entirely of wood with a nylon cord wrapped handle and silver painted blade, making it look like a normal katana.  Its decoration is in the crossguard, featuring a hexagon shape rather than a rectangle.  The way the guard is shaped almost resembles a diamond.  This is a gorgeous sword that will make any owner proud.  Great for your cosplay or conventions – or just for fun!


  • Overall Length:  40”
  • Blade Length:  27”
  • Handle Length:  10”
  • Scabbard Material:  Wooden with Black Lacquer Finish

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