Musashi Hand Honed Katana Set - Red


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Miyamoto Musashi was of the best samurai swordsmen of the Edo period.  He was often thought to be a legend.  Known for his distinctive style and excellent swordsmanship, he is admired by many. He authored The Book of Five Rings and was the founder of the HyMhM Niten Ichi-ryk or kenjutsu style of swordmanship.

The 3 piece set by Musashi Swords in red features a Katana (41” overall), Wakizashi (32”), and Tanto (17”).  Each one is full tang, fully functional, and handmade.  Each blade is factory sharpened and made of thick carbon steel.  With a small blood groove and kisake, these blades make a striking centerpiece or are suitable for training or cutting light targets such as bamboo.  Featuring a unique tsuba design and a scabbard, you can’t go wrong with this set!

  • Overall Length:  41”
  • Bladle Length:  27.5”
  • Includes 3 piece Sword Stand

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