Bleach - Sougyo No Kotowari Ukitake Juushiro Sword 38"


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“Be as the wave, become my shield,
Be as lightning, become my blade”

These are the words shouted by Captain Ukitake Juushiro to bring about the Sougyo No Kotowari!  This infamous sword of the famous Captain Ukitake Juushiro, 13th Division Caption in the well-known Bleach Anime Series. 

The weapon is made up of twin swords which are identical to each other and are connected by a metal chain strap at each hilt.  Five short metal rectangular plaques hang off the chain strap.  Its handles are wrapped in a red cord for full grip.  The guard features a dragon design and from this is a partially covered blade which attaches to the carbon steel blade.  The two-toned (black and silver) blades on these twin swords are very unique because they feature a regular blade each and then both have another short blade which prongs out and arcs backwards.  Add this item to your Bleach collection!

Overall Length:  38”

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