Musashi Hand Forged Samurai Katana


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This is a lightweight and functional katana by Musashi Swords.  Its blade is tempered and made of high carbon steel which is great for light cutting and has a Maru lamination.  The sword has been heat treated.  A Bo-Hi is at the top of the blade, to lower the weight and give audible feedback when the sword is swung.  Razor sharp and full tang is how you will receive this blade.  A one piece brass Habaki secures the blade.  A double ring Musashi design makes the Tsuba.  The Tsuka core is wooden with an authentic ray skin Same and a black cotton cord Ito.  With brass fuchi and kashira fittings, its tsuba is made of steel.  The Saya is wooden with a black high gloss finish.  The Kurigata features a shiny copper fitting and tied around the it is a black cord wrap. 
This fantastic sword comes complete with a sword bag.

  • Overall Length:  40”
  • Blade Length:  28.7”
  • Handle Length:  11”

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