Musashi Hand Forged Bonsai Katana


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Bonsai has been n art form of Japanese society since around the 9th century.  It was determined during the Tokugawa period that specific types of trees were suited better to the art; of these were Maple and Azalea trees.  Bonsai became a popular activity of the wealthy Japanese elite, among these were the Samurai. 

The blade of this sword is hand crafted of high carbon steel which has been hammered throughout to give a consistent hardness.  A Bo-Hi is used to balance the blade and also provide audible feedback when swung.  The blade is full tang and sharpened and comes with an aesthetic Hamon which runs the length of the blade and ends at the Kissake.  This sword features a wood Saya with a black gloss finish, featuring beautiful Golden Maple leaves which have been painted on and lacquered over.  Its Kurigata features a black cord Sage-o and the Koiguchi of the Saya is hardened with bull horn. 
The Tsuba is secured to the blade of the sword by a one piece brass construction Habaki along with two copper Seppas.  Of oxidized copper, the Tsuba features a beautiful cut out design of a crane in flight over crashing waves.  Two bamboo Mekugi pins hold the tang of the sword into the Tsuka, which is a wooden core with a Ray Skin Same and black silk Ito.  Each side of the Tsuka is decorated with a detailed oxidized copper Menuki and the Kashira also features copper construction with a crane in flight. 
Comes with a Wooden Gift Box and Sword Bag.

  • Overall Length:  38.75”
  • Blade Length:  28”
  • Handle Length:  10.5”

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