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This blade is fully functional and is likely the best you will find in its price range.  The cost is of a machine made blade, but this one is hand forged, having undergone a rigorous 6 stage process, including quenching and rough forging.  It is a traditional style blade with a beautiful, detailed golden guard and perfect balance.

The blade of this sword features a bloodline on top and a Hamon along the edge.  It is fully functional and features a defined yokote and kissake. 

Its scabbard is wooden with a burgundy semi gloss finish and a black Sage-o with a golden Kurigata. 

A warrior kami in relief decorates the circular Tsuba made of solid steel.  The guard begins with a black steel blade collar over a golden fitting and ends with a blackened steel fitting securing the guard to the handle. 

Its handle is ray skin covered with a black nylon wrap and two wooden pins which secure the tang with golden dragons as the Menuki.  The pommel is blackened steel and features an orchid on the end.

This sword is beautiful, functional, and comes with a decorative box, sword stand, and sword bag.  What more could you need?

  • Overall Length:  39”
  • Blade Length:  27.5”
  • Handle Length:  10”

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