Bleach – Tia Harribel Tiburon Zanpakuto 27 1/4"

Bleach – Tia Harribel Tiburon Zanpakuto 27 1/4"


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The only female Espada of Sousuke Aizen’s army, Tia Harribel is an Arrancar who is much unlike her fellow group members.  She is not arrogant, boastful, bloodthirsty and impulsive but rather more composed, analytical, receptive, and prefers to stand back and observe for a good time instead of engaging in combat.

Her Zanpakuto is called Tiburon and is unusually wide rather than long in its sealed state.  It seems like it could be completely hollow in the middle and consists of edges like that of a normal sword.  It features a purple handle with a guard as wide as the blade and three small holes on either end that she uses to remove its sheath.  The sword is longer than the sheath and it is worn horizontally on her upper back.

Our version features a thick, 440 stainless steel blade, a metal guard with a blackened brass finish and a handle wrapped in a purple cotton cord.  Under the cord is a faux ray skin with two bamboo pegs, meaning it is full tang.  Its scabbard is white and solid wood.  The scabbard features a white glossy finish and two adjustable leather belt straps.  The name of this sword is translated in English to “Imperial Shark Empress.”

  • Overall Length:  27.25”
  • Blade Length:  20”
  • Handle Length:  7.25”

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