Bleach – Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Zanpakuto 41"


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Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is the 6th Espada in the Bleach Anime Series Bleach.  He has light hair, blue eyes, and a scruffy appearance.  He is laid back and irreverent – or so he seems at first.  He is actually impulsive and highly violent with a dangerously short temper.  Blunt, rude, and sadistic are his ways with a psychotic grin when he is excited.

This sword is the Zanpakuto carried by Grimmjow.  The butt cap on the handle is made of copper with a blue nylon cord wrapped handle to follow.  The tsuba looks like a crooked “S,” made of metal.  Its scabbard is of solid wood and blue.  A 440 stainless steel blade is what you will get with this sword of one of the finest bleach warriors. 

  • Overall Length:  41”
  • Blade Length:  27”
  • Handle Length:  11”

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