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Manufacturer Part Number 2907
Brand CRKT
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Swordsmithing was a proud craft tradition in Japan way back 645 A.D. So we asked to create a production fixed blade following these design traditions for ceremonial and martial arts use. The result was the First Strike™ 2705, which become very popular.

So we introduced the 2706 with a 5.50” blade and the 2703 with a 3.125” blade. The First Strike instantly developed followers among military and special services operators. So we feature the military OD version of the 2705, with non- reflective black EDP blade and Olive Drab cord wrap.

These are unique knives in the CRKT catalog which are different from Western knives. The blades are 440A stainless steel with a combination of the ancient chokuto straight sword and the classic mohora- zukuri double edge Tanto. The blade has an incredible strength from tip to butt, while the grind is a convex zero edge. And the handles are a traditional Japanese cord wrap, resin impregnated with black ray skin underlay.

The First Strikes series has a molded Zytel® sheaths. It has a removable belt clips plus multiple slots and holes allowing almost infinite carry position. These are heavy duty knives for everyday use.

Black EDP finish, black handle Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Weight: 8.0 oz. (227 g) Blade: Length: 7.125” (18.1 cm) Thickness: 0.20” (0.55 cm) Steel: 440A, 55-57 HRC

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