Classic Gentleman's Saber 35 1/2"


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The Cavalry Saber, an efficient weapon of war with its long, curved and light blade with an incomparable level of popularity during the Napoleonic war. But it was a bit cumbersome, as even the lightest models were too heavy and long.

The solution was to scale the military saber down to about the size and weight of a small sword and replace the hilt with a spring loaded folding mechanism equipped with a single knuckle bow. They modify the military saber into a civilian saber.

Worn for self-defense, or as a sign of authority. Now Cold Steel offers an interpretation of the civilian or military dress saber. It features a British lion motif striking hilt matched with a folding guard that locks to the scabbard. The grip is made of rich black leather and bound in highly polished brass wire.

Made of thick black leather and reinforced with a polished brass chape, throat and hanging rings, elegant enough for formal occasions. Hand forged out of 1050 high carbon steel with a hard spring temper, it sports a narrow 30” slightly curved blade that widens out toward the tip for maximize the effect of slashing blows.

Light enough to be fenced from the fingers and wrist like a small sword; it can outmaneuver heavier blades.

Weight: 24.8 oz.
Blade Thickness: ¼”
Blade Length: 31 ½”
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Handle: 4”
Overall: 35 ½”
Leather Scabbard w/ Brass Fittings

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