Italian Swept-Hilt Rapier Mini 8 5/8"


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For the Italian fencing masters, most have perfected their nimble skills by practicing with a unique swept-hilt rapier that has long been associated with the Italian arm of this classical sport.

This miniature representation of the full sized models, perfectly captures the simple elegance and fine craftsmanship of the best Italian made rapiers. It has been made from the finest quality maraging steel, used by professional fencers around the world. It has been carefully and crafted to resemble the full sized original paying wonderful homage to the sport.

Each mini rapier comes with its own clam shell presentation box and delicate black and gold sleeve, making it a fine presentation piece and gift. What better way to show your respects for this historical sport that marries athleticism and grace.

Specifications: Overall length: 8 5/8 in Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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