French Swept-Hilt Rapier Mini 7 7/8"


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Manufacturer Part Number MH2311
Brand CAS Iberia
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This is an exquisite miniature of the classic French Swept-Hilt Rapier, the rapier of choice of any dueling French master. This replica includes the authentic look and feel of a real battle ready rapier, crafted from high quality maraging steel, the metal preferred by the fencing master for its superior strength and flexibility.

The fully tempered blade is offset by the beautifully detailed hilt that demonstrates the superior craftsmanship and elegant style of all of our miniature swords. Show off this amazing mini rapier with its own wood display stand and placard detailing the sword's amazing origins.

Comes in its own presentation box and elegant sleeve - owning this piece is an easy decision to make that will certainly be no duel.

Overall length: 7 7/8 in Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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