Three Monkey Mini


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Manufacturer Part Number MH2339
Brand CAS Iberia
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Cas Hanwei gives you its great line of miniature samurai replicas - and the Three Monkey Mini is one of its finest. This miniature model has been carefully detailed down the finest details, from the pattern of the hamon to the elegant styling of the wooden saya and sheathe.

Each blade has been fashioned from high carbon steel, heat tempered for authenticity and durability. Meanwhile, the wooden handle is hand wrapped in cotton, as any samurai warrior would care for his blade!

Each blade comes with its own display stand and placard and leaves an impression as an individual piece or as part of a more extensive collection. Watch samurai history unfold before your eyes with this timeless piece of history.

Specifications: Overall Length: 11 7/8 in. Specs will vary from piece to piece.

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