Hanwei - Kami Wakizashi


Manufacturer Part Number SH1202
Brand CAS Iberia
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When it comes to the meticulous technique and precision involved in crafting an authentic battle ready blade, there are few that offer a better demonstration of this skill than our Hanwei Kami series.

Each piece in our series is hand forged and tempered using traditional claying methods stemming from the ancient of sword making from the Japanese masters. Just look at the amazing detailing and care taken with our Kami Wakizashi blade. You'll notice the authentic hamon of the blade with its unmatched grain pattern that uncovers the many layers of folded and carefully tempered steel.

Meanwhile, the perfectly polished blade is off set with all of the authentic features of any high quality Japanese sword. From the detailed guard (tsuba) to the ray skin wrapped hilt (tsuka) that offers incredible grip and control. Of course, the Japanese are renowned for their exceptional attention to detail and styling. Take note of the beautiful braiding of the cord (sageo) and braid ito and the exceptional design of the blade collar (habaki).

Our unique design features the emblem of the Guardian Deity, Kami. This is an amazing piece to own in any collection and will be appreciated by the hardcore sword aficionado or lay passerby.


Overall Length: 26 in
Blade: 18 1/2 in
Handle: 6 1/4 in
Thickness: .270 in
Weight: 1lbs 8oz

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