Hanwei - Practical T’ai Chi TaiJi Sword 28-32"


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For the everyday Taiji (Tai Chi) enthusiast, our series of exceptional Practical Taiji blades have been designed for you. They are the perfect addition to your daily routine, featuring an authentic look and feel that can be appreciated by the Taiji masters.

It starts with the expertly tempered blade, this one measuring 28 inches, a good smaller sized sword for increased maneuverability. The fully tempered high carbon steel blade has a flattened diamond blade section that gives blade sturdiness with the required level of flexibility.

Meanwhile, the simple and practically designed guard and pommel has been finely balanced to offset the blade and maximize your practice. Ask for the optional nylon carrying case and tassle, so you can take your practice on the road.

If you're an avid Taiji practitioner, this is a must have item to complement your routine.


Designed for T'ai Chi practitioners, features fully tempered high-carbon steel blade with scabbard included.
Blade length: 28, 30, 32 in
Handle length: 6 1/3 in
Overall length: 34 1/2 -38 1/2 in
Weight: 1lb 3oz -1lb 6oz
Point of Balance: 4 in
Width at Guard: 1.09 in
Width at Tip .75 in
Thickness at Guard: .21 in
Thickness at Tip: .11 in
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece

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