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For the samurai in battle, there is nothing more important than to carry a quality katana that you know will deliver the heavy hitting blows you'll need. Our Practical Pro Katana is an amazingly crafted piece at an equally amazingly affordable price.

The high quality blade is hand forged from high quality carbon steel that has been differentially tempered for superior strength and durability. It is beautifully offset with a carefully designed handle (tsuka) that includes the fine detailing important to all of the great Japanese sword masters.

The slightly extended wooden core is wrapped in unique leather that has been specially selected for its superior grip and security. The sword comes with its own scabbard finished in a deep black with offset by an elegant black tassel (sageo).

The entire piece is decorated in antiqued black iron fittings for an authentic appearance. Most distinct about this sword is the carefully stylized guard (tsuba) that features the Wheel of Dharma, an intrinsic symbol of traditional Buddhist teachings.

For those looking for a practical choice to begin their study of heavy cutting inn sword practice, this is the perfect piece for you.


Overall Length: 45 3/4 in
Blade: 29 1/2 in
Handle: 15 in
Thickness: 0.36 in
Weight: 3lbs

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