Hanwei - Practical Pro Series - Ninja - Black


Manufacturer Part Number SH2268
Brand CAS Iberia
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CAS Hanwei
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Ninjitsu practitioners know that mastering the fine art requires exceptional discipline and extraordinary training. It takes unlimited patience and skill to become a true Ninja - and its takes the same qualities to produce a true Ninja weapon.

The Practical Pro Ninja sword is certainly a fine example. Its simple but elegant design starts with a hand forged high carbon blade, differentially tempered for strength and resilience, finished in a unique antique black for an impressive sheen.

The detailing on the piece is done with equal skill and care, the handsome guard depicts the traditional hand symbols of the Ninja art and beautifully complements the elegant styling of the authentically wrapped handle (tsuka).

Meanwhile, the entire blade is sheathed in an exquisite black saya (scabbard) with matching tassle. The fittings are all constructed to the highest caliber - a fitting blade for any Ninja to carry.


Overall Length: 34 1/2 in
Blade: 22 3/4 in
Handle: 10 1/4 in
Thickness: 0.28 in
Weight: 1lbs 14oz

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