Hanwei - Adam Hsu Jian 28" - Fiberglass Handle


Manufacturer Part Number SH2269A
Brand CAS Iberia
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Tai Chi practitioners will be familiar with the important work of Mastic Adam Hsu, a world renowned martial artist and sword designer. His line of Chinese straight swords is fast becoming the weapon of choice amongst many Tai Chi training communities.

The quality craftsmanship of Master Hsu's designs is evident in the harmonious balance between functionality and durability. Take our beautiful 28 inch stunner with Fiberglass handle. Forged from high carbon spring steel, the blade features a prominent center ridge and distal taper for superior strength, while its precision balance guarantees the elegant swish on the cutting stroke.

Meanwhile, the Ming style guards are beautifully styled with an elegantly embossed Dragon symbol and exquisite tassel that is offset by the sturdy 7 inch fiberglass handle for a secure single handed grip.

The Jian comes fitted with its own unique scabbard, with a specially crafted base to hold the blade securely in place until it is ready to be drawn. This amazing item is the perfect piece for any Tai Chi practitioner.


Features: High-carbon spring steel Ming-style guard and Fiberglass Handle
Blade length: 28 in
Handle length: 7 in
Overall length: 35 in
Weight: 1lb 4oz
Point of Balance: 4 in
Width at Guard: 1.03 in
Width at Tip: 0.70 in
Thickness at Guard: 0.32 in
Thickness at Tip:0.15 in
Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

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