One Piece Sandai Kitetsu First Sword of Roronoa Zoro


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When it comes to swords, there is no more knowledgeable master than Rorona Zolo from the One Piece manga series - after all he's got three. This bounty hunter/pirate is renowned for his special three sword attack that renders his opponents helpless.

Of his three blades, the Sandai Kitetsu, is known as the most unyielding - a "problem child" that will not obey its master. What would you expect from a sword that's also known as a "Third Generation Demon-splitter"? This authentically crafted model of the original Sandai Kitetsu is made from solid stainless steel with a black imitation ray skin handle wrapped in black nylon cord.

This sword is the most unique of the three sword set, with its intricate detailing and golden iron cross tsuba. Comes with a unique black lacquer finish hardwood scabbard.

Complete your three sword set with the Yubashiri and Wado Ichimonji and show your enemies you mean business.

Specifications: Overall Length: 40 in Handle Length: 9.5 in Blade Length: 26 in Scabbard Material: Wood painted in High Gloss Black Finish.

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