Ninja Gaiden II Ryu Hayabusa Tonfa Weapon


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There have always been mighty ninja warriors, but who can forget the amazing fighters of Nintendo's Ninja Gaiden. These battlers were swift and skillful, and few could match the abilities of the "modern day Super Ninja", Ryu Hayabusa.

The renowned Dragon Ninja, as Ryu became known as, was an honorable warrior with incredible courage, who fought and defeated the evil spirits to protect mankind. Of course, no Dragon Ninja could be without his trusty arsenal of impressive weapons.

This model has been crafted after the original Tonfa that Ryu carried. Originally from Okinawa, this deadly weapon is more than just a run of the mill "night stick" - this particular replica features a natural wooden shaft with a reinforced 440 black stainless steel spine and sharp black steel spikes.

This is certainly not something you'd want to hand over to the average policeman. Powerful enough to crush enemies with a single blow, the Tonfa makes a mighty statement (at a very affordable price).

Specifications: Overall Length: 26 in Handle Length: 4.5 in Shaft Length: 25 in Spine Length: 26 in Spine Material: 440 Blackened Stainless Steel Side Spike Material: 440 Blackened Stainless Steel.

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