Batman Tactical Strike Bracer


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Batman, the Dark Knight, is undoubtedly one of the most resourceful superheroes of our time. He's strong, fast, cunning and armed with a cleverly considered arsenal that transforms this "average" billionaire playboy into an unstoppable force against evil.

The amazing Bat suit has been carefully engineered, designed and detailed so that nothing is left up to chance. Among the many stylings of the suit, the spiked bracers across the arms is the one of most memorable details of the Batman films - who can forget those scenes when Batman "suits up", ready for battle?

These imitation bracers are probably no match for the real thing - but they come pretty darn close. Made of fine quality leather, these bracers are adorned with menacing looking black metal spikes and protective steel plates.

They come with adjustable straps to accommodate all sizes. We're sure Batman himself would feel pretty good blocking an uppercut with these bracers on. Item comes as one pair.

Specifications: Overall Length: 9 5/8 in Stainless steel plate: 7 in.

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