Legend of Zelda Link's Hylian shield (metal)


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Link's Master Sword - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - 37 1/2" Wooden


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Protect yourself in the worlds many dungeons, from the likes of:
Aquamentus- Green Dragon-Unicorn Hybrid
Dodongos - Orange Triceratops
Manhandla - some sort of plant with four claws attached
Gleeok - appears as a green dragon with 2-4 heads
Digdogger- roams around the room slowly
Gohma -  spits fire balls and opening and closing its eye for a few seconds
Ganon - a big giant pig beast
The best offense is a good defense.
Overall Length: 25 1/8” ▪ Blade Length: 19 3/8" ▪ Blade Material: Made of metal even the raised pieces which are painted red, yellow or silver ▪ Handle Material: Armstrap, and double handgrip (top and side) along with display chain for easy display.

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