Medieval Chainmail Shirt- 3/4 length sleeves-Steel

Medieval Chainmail Shirt- 3/4 length sleeves-Steel


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Most soldiers during Middle age period used to wear Chainmail dresses for their protection. It is considered the earliest form of metallic armor. Chainmail was a flexible armor made from metal rings interlinked to each other. It got worldwide acceptance among Knights of 15th and 16th centuries because of being low cost but effective protection cover against cuts delivered by opponents spear, sword and axe. The historical roots of Chainmail go deep till the Dark ages. It was used extensively until Renaissance age. Chainmail shorts weighed up to 25 kg (55 lbs), depending on the size. It was easy to make, flexible, fast to repair and comfortable.
This Chainmail Shirt is made of same grade heavy steel that was used to make the originals. It is fully functional and wearable. It comes with 3/4 length sleeves and is suitable size for 46 inch chest.
A black cross at the front is the source of inspiration for doing something great and memorable. The combination of black and silver colors makes it a perfect medieval decor item for the houses and offices corridors. It is polished to add long time shining and luster besides making it free from any environmental and ageing effects.

With the passage of centuries, this medieval period armor has become more important for medieval enthusiasts.

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