Gladiator Helmet -Medieval Roman Beauty

Gladiator Helmet -Medieval Roman Beauty


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A gladiator used to be an armed combatant. He entertained the audiences in Roman Republic through violent confrontations against wild animals, other gladiators, war slaves and criminals. Some people were gladiators professionally and used to take risk of their life by appearing in arena.
Gladiators were trained in special schools. Romans used to believe that when an important man dies his spirit needs blood sacrifice to survive in heaven.
Helmets like thiss were used by the professional gladiators. With the passage of time, the historical importance these Helmets is increasing fast and now it has become essential medieval item to be collected for every maritime collector.
This item elaborates its Roman beauty and impresses every visitor whether he/she is familiar with medieval history or not.
The Gladiator helmet is handmade with 18 gauge sturdy mild carbon steel in the shape of cap. This replica of Roman Gladiator's helmets is combat ready; therefore, you can enjoy Gladiator Games in real sense feeling yourself in that period. It comes in 13 inch overall size. Two front side extensions protect the face completely.
The high quality polish over the metallic body keeps it sparkling like a diamond in medieval collection years after years keeping it safe from environmental and ageing effects.
It generally gets fit for the all head sizes otherwise liner is also available separately. Because of being elegant looking, this item has become popular as a unique round the year gift item also.

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