Helmet- sugarloaf 18 guage - brass lining.

Helmet- sugarloaf 18 guage - brass lining.


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In 11th and 12th centuries, warriors, merchants, pirates and explorers, who traded, explored and raided used different kinds of helmets. The arms reflected social repute and professional status. Helmet was one of the most important medieval costume accessories. Sugarloaf helmet were popular because of their unique feature of deflecting the blows such as clubs and swords.

Armor Helmet Sugarloaf is made of 16 to 18 gauge Stainless steel plates with brass lining at front. Plates are joined by riveting. It comes in 15 inch size. This helmet has "spectacle" guard to protect eyes, nose and ear. It looks like a complete face mask and hides the identity of wearer. All the shaping is done by hand machining. The high quality polish over the metallic body keeps it sparkling like diamond in medieval collection years after years keeping it safe from environmental and ageing effects.

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