Roman Centurian Deluxe Helmet

Roman Centurian Deluxe Helmet


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Roman centurion used to be equivalent to Captain in Roman Army. He used to gain this high esteem position by promotions granted on account of military efficiency and bravery. Roman centurion used to be role model and the leader of soldiers. Generally, he was deputed to run specific operation in the battles. Centurion commanded a centuria consisting of 100 Roman soldiers. Roman centurions used to wear more decorated silver armor. The helmet was one of the most important battle field dress accessories. 

This Helmet is made of 18 Gauge high carbon steel with brass lining and riveting in the shape of rounded cap. It comes in 17 x 9 x 13 inch size with 6 pounds. This helmet has big size side covers to protect the ears.
All the shaping is done by hand machining. It comes with protective tail at rear for the protection of neck. It has a elevated horse hair crest of brown and black color from front to back that makes it perfect. The high quality polish over the metallic body keeps it safe from environmental and ageing effects.

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