Normal Nasal With Chain Mail Guard

Normal Nasal With Chain Mail Guard


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Normans invaded Britain in 1066 AD. It was the dawn of medieval era in Europe. Normans ruled for 600 years and during this period remained engaged in fierce fighting with other groups.
The Medieval helmets have a long tradition and impressive history of being used in playgrounds and battlefields during middle and Medieval Period. The size and shapes of helmets went through massive changes with the changes in weapons and development of other activities.
With the passage of time, historical importance of medieval helmet is increasing fast.  Its fine crafting skill would have made Duke of Normandy, William, proud.

This helmet is made of 18 Gauge low carbon grade steel in the shape of scoop styled cap. It comes in 18" size with an attached chain mail at back side for the protection of neck and strengthened nose cover. This helmet has side covers to protect ears. All the shaping is done by hand machining. It comes with protective tail at rear for the protection of neck.

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