Armor Helmet Lord Of The Rings LOTR

Armor Helmet Lord Of The Rings LOTR


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"Elendil was the great leader of therefore group of Numenor survivors. Elendil escaped to Middle-earth with his sons Anarion and Isildur. He founded Gondor and Arnor. In the famous War of Last Alliance, he joined the forces of Gil-galad to fight against Sauron. Elendil Helmet also known as LOTR Helmet has unique historical importance because King Elendil was original bearer of great Narsil sword. Medieval collectors love to have it in their collections; as its presence adds extra value to their collection. The spot light over this Armor Helmet, Lord Of The Rings further elaborates its masculine beauty and impresses every visitor whether he/she is familiar with nautical life or not.

This Armor Helmet, Lord Of The Rings is the replica of Elendil's Helmet. It is made of iron with embossed decorations of pure brass. It comes in about 18 inch size. It is ready to wear helmet. The interior is packed with genuine leather liner for extra comfort. Each helmet bears a serial number that enhances its medieval value making an essential collectable for medieval collectors. All the shaping is done by hand machining. The design of thisArmor Helmet, Lord Of The Rings incorporates series of various geometric shapes that suggests the precision technique and advance stage of Dwarven armor. The high quality polish over the metallic body, keeps it sparkling like a diamond in nautical collection years after years keeping it safe from environmental and ageing effects. "

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