King Leonidas 300 Helmet with Black Plume


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Leonidas led the spartans- while wearing a helmet quite similar to this one. Take that Persia.

Medieval armor went through massive transformation with the realization of new requirements of warriors due to advancements in weapons. The helmet can be said the oldest type of armor. Leonidas 300 Helmet W/Plume helmets remained in extensive use for many years. Nowadays, these are not in much of use but these have become the pirate item of great historical importance. Stores dealing in nautical medieval armor items offer variety of helmets to cater the different needs of maritime enthusiasts but IR80527 Leonidas 300 Helmet W/Plume seems all time big attraction.

The Leonidas 300 Helmet W/Plume is made of premium grade cast iron and brass. It comes in 18 inch size. Its thick sheet not only protects the complete head but the face also from the likely impacts.
Black color plume further establishes its particular historical importance as well as aesthetic look. A special protective coating is applied all over it that makes it secured from any environmental and ageing effects besides enhancing its antique appeal.
Apart from having high utility potential, it is unique decor item also that can be placed on the corner tops or shelves.  The spot light over it further elaborates its feminine beauty and impresses every visitor.

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