Armor Helmet Closed Black

Armor Helmet Closed Black


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Helmet has always been one of the most important medieval armor. Stores dealing in medieval home decor, costal living items and decorative pirate armor items offer variety of medieval helmets to cater the likings of costal decor lovers or maritime enthusiasts but IR8061 Armor Helmet, Closed is the most sought after model.

IR8061 Armor Helmet, Closed is hand forged from steel sheet of 16 gauge in the shape of elevated cap by riveting two pieces. It comes in 9 inches ear to ear size and is completely wearable. The total height is about 13 inch. It weighs around 7 pounds. This helmet has up-down movable "spectacle" guard to protect eyes, nose, face and ear. It looks like a complete face mask and hides the identity of wearer. All the shaping is done by hand machining. The sharp edged crest on the top of this helmet is designed to make it more protective. Its metallurgical composition makes it environmental friendly and high quality polish keeps it sparkling years after years.

Medieval collectors love to have IR8061 Armor Helmet, Closed in their collections; as, its presence adds extra value to their collection. The spot light over it further elaborates its masculine beauty and impresses every visitor, whether he/she is familiar with medieval life or not. Not only medieval decor lovers but the people unfamiliar with costal living also love to have IR8061 Armor Helmet, Closed in their offices and drawing rooms as a decoration piece. Because of being elegant looking, it is being popular as a unique round the year gift item also.

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