Helmet Liner 100% Cotton

Helmet Liner 100% Cotton


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"Because of advancements in weapons, medieval armor went through massive transformation. The helmet can be said the oldest type of armor. Spangenhelm and conical type home helmets remained in extensive use; even today, their refined form is used in different fields for different purposes. Medieval helmets were not very comfortable because these were not made in variety of sizes. Warriors used to put on those helmets for longer periods, so a shortage of cotton supporting limner was felt. People started to use some cotton caps under the helmets; after some years, it became one of the most desired medieval armor accessories under the name of Helmet Cap Cotton. Nowadays, these are not in much of use but these have become the pirate item of great historical importance. Stores dealing in nautical medieval armor items offer variety of helmets caps to cater the different likings maritime enthusiasts but IR8050A Helmet Cap Cotton seems more attractive.

The Helmet Cap Cotton is made of 100% pure cotton. Its thickness submerges the variation of head sizes. As these are handmade with so everyone can be sure enough for the quality and durability. Helmets with cotton cap are not only comfortable but become more environmental friendly also.
Everyone, even if unfamiliar with medieval armor science, knows about the helmet caps. 

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