Metal Robin Hood Sword pommel with faux jewel

Metal Robin Hood Sword pommel with faux jewel


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While the actual identity of Robin Hood has been lost in the mists of time, there is ample evidence that the character is based on a real man, or perhaps different men contributing various qualities to the legend over a period of time. From at least as early as the year 1228, the names Robinhood, Robehod, Rabunhod, or Hobbehod were used by English justices as terms for fugitives or outlaws. At least by the fifteenth century, the exploits of an outlaw named Robin Hood began to be celebrated in song and story. In many of these early versions of the Robin Hood legend, he is a very different person from the just and good hearted hero known to later centuries. He is portrayed as vengeful, selfish, and barbarically violent toward his personal enemies, while indifferent toward the suffering of the poor. Could this be a different person altogether, or is history a matter of perspective, with each observer, or chronicler, seeing what he wants to see and telling things in his own way? Perhaps the differences are merely the result of the stories being passed down in the oral tradition, with each successive generation creating a bigger (and better) hero than the one before.
Robin Hood Sword Features:
  • Stainless steel mirror polished blade
  • Unsharpened
  • Inscription on blade reads: Robin of Locksley
  • Black handle with metal accents
  • Metal Robin Hood pommel with faux jewel
  • Comes with wooden display plaque
  • Great for fans of Robin Hood
Blade: 37 1/2"
Overall: 48"
Weight: 4.7 Lbs

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