Robin Hood's Jeweled Dagger


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The Tale of Robin’s last arrow

  Many years after living in the forest Robin was feeling old
He could no longer rob the rich Norman Noblemen that traveled along the forest roads, and the group of outlaws was starting to disband. Alan a Dale had returned to his village with his wife, and Will Scarlet had become a poacher once again.
He mentioned to Little John that he felt unwell.
“I am going to see the Prioress at Kirklees Priory. She is family and can help me John” he said
“Then I shall come with you Robin, for you look unwell”
The two outlaws began traveling to the Priory, hoping that Robin can be healed.
After arriving at the Priory and giving the Prioress money, Robin was taken to a small room.
“I am going to cut your arm and let the bad blood leave your body” the Prioress said to Robin.
Robin laid on a bed and rested while the Prioress cut his arm.
The Prioress left the room, and told Little John to leave him alone.
“He needs his rest. Do not go in at all please”
Little John felt uneasy, and after the Prioress had gone away he went into the room.
He saw Robin lying on the bed, and the blood dripping from his arm into a bowl. Little John looked at the bowl, wondering why the blood was not filling up the bowl.
He picked up the bowl and saw a hole at the bottom. Robin had been tricked – he had lost too much blood to leave and was very weak.
“I will burn down this Priory for what has happened” Little John angrily told Robin.
“No John.”, replied Robin, “I have never harmed a woman. I will not start now. Pass me my bow. I will fire an arrow from here out of the window. Where it lands I want you to bury me”.
Robin Hood slowly lifted his bow. With the last of his strength he fired his last arrow out of the Priory window and into the wood.
The following morning Little John buried the greatest outlaw Sherwood Forest had ever seen.
  • Overall Length: 15-1/2\"
  • Blade Length: 9\"
  • Blade Material: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Eagle Talon & Ball Antique Gold Finished Cast Metal
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