Bleach Ichigo Tensa Bankai FULL TANG Katana Sword 68"


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The Shikai form of Zangetsu looks like an oversized elegant cleaver rather than a formal "katana". He has no tsuba and no proper hilt; what Ichigo holds is the cloth-wrapped tang. The sword is as tall as Ichigo is, 1.75 meters ( 68.8976378 in), and has a black blade with a silver edge. The cloth wrapping on the tang seems to react to Ichigo's will, changing length at a thought or twining about the blade in an impromptu sheath. When in combat, the cloth falls away when necessary, shrinking back to a manageable size. The cloth can also be used to swing the blade like a flail and toss it at opponents for mid-range combat, but this is rarely done. The cloth also can be done to wrap up wounds, as Ichigo does during his fight with Ikkaku Madarame, but this is also done rarely.
Ichigo has also on more than one occasion used Zangetsu's wide blade as a shield from incoming attacks. Unlike most ZanpakutM, which can be sealed into their original form, Zangetsu is always in its Shikai form. Yoruichi ShihMin has stated that his ZanpakutM is a full-time released form type because of Ichigo's vast but uncontrollable spiritual energy upon generation of it, implying that it is simply a type of ZanpakutM that without proper control of his spiritual energy, once in Shikai form, it remains in its said state.

  • Overall Length: 68"
  • Blade Length: 49"
  • 440 Black Polished Stainless Steel
  • Full Tang Construction
  • Blade is sharp
  • Cloth Wrapped Handle with Chain
  • Included FREE Custom Hard Scabbard

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