Batman Battle Axe Batax

Batman Battle Axe Batax


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In proper practice, the "bat" prefix (as in batmobile or batarang) is rarely used by Batman himself when referring to his equipment, particularly after some portrayals (primarily the 1960s Batman live-action television show and the Super Friends animated series) stretched the practice to campy proportions. The 1960s television series Batman has an arsenal that includes such "bat-" names as the bat-computer, bat-scanner, bat-radar, bat-cuffs, bat-pontoons, bat-drinking water dispenser, bat-camera with polarized bat-filter, bat-shark repellent bat-spray, and bat-rope. The storyline "A Death in the Family" suggests that given Batman's grim nature, he is unlikely to have adopted the "bat" prefix on his own.
Solid Stainlesss Steel BAT Axe & Case
Solid Stainless Steel with Black finish
All of the blades are stainless steel and they are Sharp
Overall Length: 10-1/2"
Head blade Length: 4-1/4", Double Edged, Sharp
Faux Leather Custom fitted case
Handle: OD Nylon Cord Wrapped

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